Your first step to a healthier lifestyle.

BAD things in drinking water aren't always THIS clear.
You can't always see it!
You can't always taste it!
You can't always smell it!
But it could be there and it can make you sick!


 Local is Lekker

Our main focus is our community and surrounding area, making us the leading purification company in our area, enabling us quick an fast turn-around times. Our friendly and experienced team are standing by to ensure you only receive the best service and support!


Every great product and good service comes at a price, at Acqua Pulita we put out customers first. Every body has the right to clean and healthy drinking water. With our focus on our customers, we have committed our-self to supply quality product and excellent service at affordable pricing to everyone!

 Management and Support

We have a dedicated team of highly effective people ready to support you in everything you need. We do onsite technical support, repairs, services and installations, we even notify you in advance of an upcoming due service.

Dedicated Local Customers
Comitted to Customer Service and Excellence


For your convenience you can shop online and get your products delivered direct to your door.


We ensure safe and secure door to door shipping all around South Africa through Fastway Couriers.


We ensure safe and secure oline payment through PayFast South Africa.


With our focus on our customers, we have committed our-self to supply quality product and excellent service at affordable pricing to everyone!



Who are We?

Acqua Pulita is a family owned and operated business established in 2011. Born to serve all those and has its core values the desire for clean healthy drinking water for all living creatures, to promote honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction. Fortunately the technology does exist to produce healthy drinking water in your home or alternatively we have it available on tap from our shop.

What do we do?

Acqua Pulita clearly represents a diminishing generation in the way we approached our business. It just is not enough to simply rack up profits. We have recognized the frustration of those customers who had no place to go for help, who could not find replacement parts and filters, or who were being charged exorbitant prices for the filters they found. In this complete void of service, we saw an opportunity to diverge from ‘industry tradition’ and to create a new type of business within the industry and our society – one focused on taking care of customers by solving their problems and offering them a dependable supply of water purification systems, system maintenance and services, replacement products and supplies as well as branded bottled water filled in our facility. The water is of superior quality.

Why do we do it?

From the early 1990’s South Africa has experienced a drastic loss in the quality of drinking water due to poor service delivery from Local Government. Pollution and the rise of pollution-related diseases created an awareness of the need for high quality drinking water. During this ‘down-turn’ water purification and related companies were going into (and out of) business by the dozens every year. They assembled reverse osmosis and water filtration systems and sold them to wholesalers, stores and multi-level marketing companies. Business was profitable but it is sad to admit that most companies did not want to be bothered with the trials of providing customer service or by the low profit margins earned by offering high quality prepared drinking water and replacement filters to customers.

 Some of our Product & Services

  • Purified Water on Tap in Store
  • Personalised Branded Water & Label Printing
  • PET Bottles & Bottle Closures (Caps)
  • Domestic & Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems
  • Domestic Ultra Filtration (UF) Systems
  • Big Blue “Whole House” Filtration
  • Sand Filters Systems – Manual & Automatic – Various Sizes
  • Water Softener Systems – Manual & Automatic – Various Sizes
  • Water Bars (Glass Tanks)
  • Ultra Violet (UV) Sterilisers
  • Hot / Cold Water Dispensers & Bottles
  • PET Water Bottles & Various Cap Colours
  • Water Storage Tanks & Booster Pumps
  • Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks
  • Replacement Filters & Spare Parts
  • Services & Installations